blastx task creation

BLAST search in a protein database using a translated nucleotide query. Executable version NCBI 2.2.25+ 64bit. For more information, see the BLAST Help at NCBI.

Enter query and select parameters

Descriptive title for the task.

Database required
Search Database # sequences Total size Updated
Kluyveromyces dobzhanskii proteins (Sep 2011) 4995 2453336 2011-09-16
Kluyveromyces aestuarii proteins (Aug 2011) 4706 2344280 2010-08-30
Kluyveromyces wickerhamii proteins (Aug 2011) 4869 2378134 2010-08-30
Kluyveromyces lactis proteins 5076 2459916 2011-08-15
Kluyveromyces lactis (NRRL Y-1140) proteins 5085 2462503 2010-08-06
Saccharomyces cerevisiae Swiss-Prot 6665 3026183 2011-07-14
Homo sapiens Swiss-Prot 69906 32382908 2011-07-14
UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot 532792 188961396 2011-10-25
nr: non-redundant GenBank CDS translations+PDB+SwissProt+PIR+PRF 16392747 5641810382 2011-11-30

Check the protein database(s) to search. The list of available databases depends on the team your account is a member of.

Query file

Upload file containing query nucleotide sequence(s) in FASTA format.


Query nucleotide sequence(s) in FASTA format. This data is used only if no file is specified in the field above.

Query genetic code

Genetic code to use for translating the nucleotide query into protein.

SEG filter

Filter out low-complexity regions from the query sequence.

E-value required

Expectation value threshold.

Output format required

Format of search results.

# seq descriptions

Number of one-line descriptions to show in the output.

# alignments

Number of alignments to show in the output.

Set preferences
Set the above values to become your defaults for this tool.

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